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4 Ways an eCommerce SEO Company can Increase Your Website Traffic

You can make your business more visible to your audience by working with an eCommerce SEO company in Austin. You’ll also be able to get more targeted, high-quality traffic.

A variety of aspects of ecommerce SEO can be done, including website development and search engine marketing, so that you will maximize your success. Listed below are a few areas for you to focus on that will help not just increase your website’s incoming traffic, but also increase its conversion rate.

1: By Identifying Your Competition

The services of an eCommerce SEO company can be beneficial for you if you are just starting out or have an existing eCommerce infrastructure that is working well. They can also help you improve the performance of your existing eCommerce infrastructure.

You can hire a professional SEO company to dig into the layout and analytics of your current website and analyze your competition as well.  It will tell you what is working well and where you can improve. Companies offering SEO services are often willing to provide you with a free SEO audit to show you what they can do for you. It’s also an eye-opening experience to see your site from the perspective of a professional.

If you examine your current traffic reports, click-through rates, and other data, you can see that your website layout can be improved, metadata can be better utilized, and lost opportunities can be identified. Another area to consider will be what your competitors are doing after they arrive on your website:

  • What is the source of their traffic?
  • Which of their practices is working?
  • Where are they failing?
  • What gaps could you fill that they are not filling for their clients?

A great user experience is important for improving your website’s ranking. As well as capturing their attention and permission, you’ll want to be sure to market to them in the future so that even if they’re not ready to buy today, you can reach out to them in the future.

2: By Choosing the Right Set of SEO Keywords

An expert can help you optimize your site for keywords, which are fundamentally important to SEO. You may lose rankings due to a competitor. There’s also the possibility of being in a very competitive market and trying to climb the ranks. Your rankings may be high now, but your conversion rate is low. Or, you have a flawed SEO strategy that is doing more harm than good.

A good eCommerce SEO company will focus on not just getting you ranked well, but also ensuring that your ranking remains strong as well as converting visitors into customers (and hopefully repeat sales).

Trying to find a way to encourage more online shoppers to actually check out after adding items to their carts?  Investing in SEO, website development, and search engine marketing services for your eCommerce store might be valuable to you.

3: By Ensuring Great Customer Experience

When determining how to rank a page of your website, Google and other search engines look at a great number of factors, not just your keyword choices and keyword density. It is also important to consider bounce rates. The search engine bots will reevaluate whether or not the page is giving the searchers what they want if 98% of the traffic they send you doesn’t delve deeper than the entry page.  Bounce rates can dwindle your traffic if you ignore them.

Customer experience is influenced by a wide range of factors:

  • Site load time
  • Design
  • Navigation
  • Useful content

The above areas can all be handled by an experienced and successful eCommerce SEO organization.

4: By Capturing Leads

You should realize that not all people need a shorter sales cycle, and that’s why you need to build an online store instead of just hoping they’ll come. Comparison shopping is now a common practice. A common occurrence is shopping cart abandonment. An effective strategy for capturing leads is essential.

Whether you use coupon codes to entice visitors to sign up for your newsletter, set up a retargeting campaign so that if they leave, they are served ads to entice them back, run contests and giveaways to get people to follow you on social media, or use other methods to funnel visitors into a sales funnel, lead capture is an essential part of your eCommerce marketing strategy. An eCommerce marketing specialist can assist you in developing a successful lead generation strategy.


It’s good to get steady organic online traffic. An effective combination of SEM and SEO can boost business growth. Any best eCommerce SEO company specializes in leveraging a variety of tools to help your eCommerce site be a destination that attracts new clients and nurtures relationships with existing ones through ongoing relationship building. 

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